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“The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Bear Viewing Licence

The Commercial Bear Viewing Association and its members value and appreciate conservation projects. Since 2019, the operators have raised over $200,000 for bear conservation through an initiative called the “CBVA Bear Viewing Licence.”

During the battle to end the grizzly bear hunt in BC, the bear-viewing industry came together to show their responsibility and commitment to bear conservation by establishing a fund to support the welfare and conservation of the grizzly bear–the Conservation Licence Fee.

We choose to give part of the funds to the Grizzly Bear Foundation as one of the recipients of the funds because of the work they do with grizzly bears. Some of the projects the money goes to are:

  • Expand their work with the government in the design of the upcoming Grizzly Bear Management Plan.
  • Host a First Nations Forum on Bear Conservation and the Economic Opportunity of Bear Viewing Ecotourism in partnership with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association and Indigenous Tourism BC.
  • Supporting research that examines the impact of climate change on grizzly bears.
  • Expand their Grizzly education unit and adapt it for Indigenous language programs.
Bear Viewing Licence

If you want to purchase a bear viewing licence independently, we welcome you to do so by clicking the link below.


gobearviewing gobearviewing

The Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC (CBVA) and the Grizzly Bear Foundation (GBF)  are collaborating on a new and inspiring campaign, Bear Viewing Tourism Gives Back #GoBearViewing, to showcase the role of bear viewing ecotourism in grizzly bear conservation and the conservation economy.

Join us in an immersive experience to learn from passionate conservation ambassadors about bear biology, behaviour, and their vital role in our cultures and ecosystems.

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If you’d like to do more, consider donating money to the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. You can earmark your donation specifically for research or conservation and you can be assured that we will make your donation make a difference for bears in British Columbia.