Bella and cubs Bella and cubs
Moira Le Patourel


It’s been three decades since BC’s last plan to conserve the iconic grizzly bear. With government we have now in 2023, there is a clear paradigm shift to conserving, stewarding, and putting ecosystem health and biodiversity first.


The Province of B.C.’s Draft Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework and Draft Commercial Bear Viewing Strategy are a long time coming. The current policy for grizzly bear management dates back to 1995! In 2017 the Auditor General recognized that “there is no plan to implement the strategic direction for grizzly bears in B.C.” and recommended creating and implementing a grizzly bear management plan. 

Six years later, promising progress has been made for grizzly bears, as evident in the shift in the document’s title. The process has moved away from the term “management” and towards “stewardship,” thanks to the perspective and input of Indigenous leadership. (Read more about the problems with Wildlife Management here).  

This once-a-generation opportunity could create a world-leading plan for wildlife stewardship. But more still needs to be done to strengthen the stewardship of grizzly bears and their habitats and promote a healthy and sustainable commercial bear-viewing industry. Together we can carve the path forward for the grizzlies in B.C. in an innovative, inclusive and effective way, accurately reflecting the values of B.C. residents and First Nations. 

What is the Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework? 

The Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework is the first document of its kind in British Columbia, and has the potential to be world-leading in setting an example for how wildlife stewardship should be done.  The Framework is “intended to provide guidance for the consideration of grizzly bear values for proponents, decision makers, and participants on initiatives related to land and resource planning to inform local decisions, and enables amendments to policy, legislation, and programs related to grizzly bears.” The Framework will support the preparation of regional grizzly bear stewardship plans.

What is the Commercial Bear Viewing Strategy? 

The Commercial Bear Viewing Strategy provides guidance and recommendations for bear viewing throughout the province. The strategy includes guidance for viewing bears in a way that reduces viewer’s influence on bears and the development of area-based viewing plans to ensure a healthy and sustainable wildlife tourism industry in British Columbia.

Bear on its back with paws raised, submerged in water Bear on its back with paws raised, submerged in water
Jos Kynen, Eagle Eye Adventures

If you’d like to do more, consider donating money to the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. You can earmark your donation specifically for research or conservation and you can be assured that we will make your donation make a difference for bears in British Columbia.