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Photography and bear viewing go hand in hand. Limiting your time and keeping your distance from bears will help with human impact.

Our Best Practices outline camera use around bears, which states, “photographic flash devices are not permitted when viewing or photographing bears.”

We encourage photographers to take photos of these incredible animals but ask that when doing this activity, you remain aware of your distance from the bear, your group location, and how your behaviour may be impacting the bear. Photographing a grizzly, black or Kermode bear can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone. We ask that you keep these thoughts in mind while in the wilderness.

When you book with a Commercial Bear Viewing Operator, you choose a tour that abides by our Best Practices and Code of Conduct.

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If you’d like to do more, consider donating money to the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. You can earmark your donation specifically for research or conservation and you can be assured that we will make your donation make a difference for bears in British Columbia.