White bear with black bear cub White bear with black bear cub
Pacific Yellowfin Charters

Advocacy: Land Access and Management

The CBVA undertakes advocacy on behalf of its member companies in the areas of land access and management. The CBVA works with the government, First Nations and other stakeholder groups to secure a land base for bears and bear-viewing operations.

Adventure Tourism Coalition Adventure Tourism Coalition

Adventure Tourism Coalition

The Adventure Tourism Coalition (ATC) aims to encourage, enable, and manage the sustainable growth of adventure tourism in BC by improving collaboration and alignment across the adventure tourism industry, governmental organizations, and recreational users. Read more of the work the ATC is involved in.

Wilderness Tourism Association of BC Wilderness Tourism Association of BC

Wilderness Tourism Association of BC

The Wilderness Tourism Association of BC (WTA) supports BC’s world-class wilderness-based tourism operators. Working with industry, government, and non-government organizations to address threats and opportunities for a healthy industry and environment. See more information on the WTA.


Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition

This coalition aims to provide a united voice for fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia. The coalition seeks to inform the government and representatives of the collective need to ensure that we have a management plan that ensures a rich landscape for fish and wildlife through a habitat management plan that puts fish and wildlife first. British Columbia is home to diverse landscapes and biodiversity. With bears being an umbrella species, the importance of food and habitat security is of our utmost concern with our reasons for joining this coalition. However, lack of investment in fish, wildlife and habitat management, combined with the impacts of resource extraction, climate change and a growing human population, has severely reduced the number of species and jeopardizes the Super, Natural British Columbia we all know and love. See more information.

Unlikely Allies Unlikely Allies

Unlikely Allies

Unlikely Allies have come together specifically to advocate for improved protection and management of wildlife habitat in British Columbia and the betterment of policy and decision-making concerning habitat management in BC, with an emphasis on accountability and transparency with the quantifiable advancement timeline. See more information.

Bear Management

Wild bears face many threats to their long-term survival. One of the biggest threats to the survival of the grizzly bear, in particular, is habitat loss. We are actively working with conservation groups, scientists, and government to come up with solutions that will allow us to live in better harmony with these magnificent creatures.

Bear napping on a riverbank Bear napping on a riverbank
Ben Lessard Klahoose Wilderness Resort
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Threats to Bears

One threat to bears that we as an organization have been dealing with is the lifting of a moratorium on trophy hunting of grizzlies in BC. Others have taken up the ethical arguments about killing bears for sport. Scientists continue to debate the population arguments. We put forth some compelling economic arguments which closed the grizzly bear hunt on December 18, 2017. Studies have shown that the bear viewing industry contributes overwhelmingly more to the provincial treasury than all of the grizzly hunting businesses combined. The problem is that hunters shoot a bear once whereas our guests shoot the same bear a thousand times with their cameras. And both hunter and photographer are often seeking the big male bears that may tip the scales at 400 kilograms or more. So the big bear that our guests photograph a thousand times in the spring may be a hunter’s one shot trophy in the fall.

Bear cub walking on log Bear cub walking on log
Jeremy Koreski, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

If you’d like to do more, consider donating money to the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. You can earmark your donation specifically for research or conservation and you can be assured that we will make your donation make a difference for bears in British Columbia.