Prioritizing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health – public engagement

B.C.’s draft Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework sets out a common vision for the conservation and management of ecosystem health and biodiversity. As an overarching priority, the Framework formalizes a new and strategic direction for a more holistic approach to stewarding our land and water resources and making sure they are healthy and resilient for future generations.

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“B.C. has the greatest diversity of species, ecosystems and habitats of any jurisdiction in Canada. The resilience of the province depends on an integrated and inclusive approach to stewarding B.C.’s water, land and natural resources.

The framework is another action the Province is taking as part of ongoing work to improve stewardship of B.C.’s lands, forests and water, to implement the recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review and to honour B.C.’s commitments under the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act.”

Through our ongoing work with the Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition and Unlikely Allies, we have been pushing for some of they key elements of the DRAFT framework. Namely, appointing a Chief Conservation Officer/Biodiversity Officer. The DRAFT clearly outlines the intention of implementing a Biodiversity Office. WIN!

Establish an Office of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health within the B.C. Public Service with the necessary powers and authorities to lead a coordinated and collaborative approach across government and in partnership with First Nations to implement the framework including:
a) Improving the collection, coordination and sharing of information on the status of ecosystem health, including biodiversity, and supporting informed decisions and continuous improvement.
b) Leading the development of ecosystem health and biodiversity objectives and standards for key ecosystems (e.g., forests, wetlands, grasslands) supported by guidance for all sectors, based in science and local and Indigenous knowledge to account for multiple values, that can then be recognized in legislation.
c) Championing policies and approaches; and ensuring accountability to meet ecosystem health and biodiversity objectives and standards across government” (p. 8)

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To ensure your voice is heard, please engage with the public engagement open until January 15th. Email comments to

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