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Jeremy Koreski, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

small grant program for conservation

Join us in celebrating the CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation!

The deadline for applications is October 31, 2024

When the grizzly bear hunt closed in 2017, the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) operators knew they had a responsibility to conserve bears. Since then, the CBVA membership collectively raises funds each year for our CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation, which will provide small grants for grizzly, black, and spirit bears.

The money raised for the CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation comes from our Bear Viewing Licences, otherwise known as our Conservation Licence Fee.

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Jos Krynen, Eagle Eye Adventures

The CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation aims to advance conservation initiatives, engage First Nation governments and organizations, communities, non-profits, and registered charities, and develop skills and abilities within the bear viewing/research/conservation network.

To date, the CBVA has raised approximately $300,000 for bear conservation. 

The CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation will fund applications for grants up to $25,000* for projects that have conservation benefits for any species of bears within British Columbia – black bear, spirit bear and grizzly bears. 

*The CBVA Small Grant Program for Conservation seeks project applications for between $5,000 and $25,000. We will accept applications for multiple years (up to three years).

apply for funding

1. Eligibility

Determine whether your organization is eligible for funding


    We fund:

    • Non-profit organization
    • Research and/or scientific institution
    • Indigenous government and/or organization
    • Coalitions and networks of organizations/businesses
    • Registered Canadian charities


    The CBVA supports a wide range of initiatives, including but not limited to:

    • Projects that provide innovative solutions for bear habitat within British Columbia
    • Projects that provide research opportunities related to bears, bear viewing or bear habitat/ecosystem.
    • Projects that add to the general understanding of bears and their distribution, population trends, ecology, biology, and threats
    • Projects which enhance the bear viewing understanding and impacts
    • Projects focused on human-bear conflicts
    • Projects focused on habitat recovery/enhancement 
    • Projects focused on protecting or increasing food security for bears

    2. Application

      • Please complete the CBVA Small Grant application form fully. Any application with missing details will not be considered.
      • Applications for projects in 2025 must be received no later than October 31, 2024

      Grant Details

      Application Evaluation

      Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

      • Projects are well planned, and the application is well written.
      • Project has practical implications for bears, their habitat or bear viewing.
      • Project fits the values of the CBVA – to promote sustainable bear viewing and aid in the protection of wild bears and their ecosystems.
      • The proposal has practical and reasonable objectives.
      • The proposal provides measurable outcomes or benefits for bears in British Columbia.
      • Necessary permits and permissions are in place for the project.
        • The applicant has to demonstrate they have informed all of the nations of the project and that no opposition has been stated.
      • There is financial or in-kind support from other organizations.
      • Administrative fees do not exceed 10% of the budget.
      • A detailed work plan outlining the steps for successful completion of the project.

      Grantor Responsibilities

      • A committee of CBVA members and members of the board of directors will review applications.
      • Successful applications will be notified as applications are reviewed.
      • 80% of the grant amount will be issued upon the successful application within 30 days of the grant award.
      • The remaining 20% will be issued upon the project’s completion, interim, and final report.
      • For multi-year projects, funds will be issued at the same 80/20 of each additional year with dates set in the funding agreement.

      Grantee Responsibilities

      • Successful applicants will submit an interim report halfway through their project.
      • Successful applicants will submit a final report to receive 20% of their grant reward.
      • The final report MUST be submitted within one month upon project completion.
      • Any public representation of the project or its results must display the CBVA logo and provide written acknowledgement.
      • Any social media must credit the CBVA by tagging @bearviewingbc and mentioning the CBVA in the post caption.
      • Any traditional media (press releases, news articles, etc.) must credit the CBVA.
      • Allow the CBVA to speak publicly about the project.